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Why Sunrun


America's Largest Clean Energy & Storage Company

  • Financial Strength

  • Expanding Customer Volume

  • Leading Partnerships

  • Largest Research & Development Division

  • Commitment to Customer Excellence


  • Largest residential solar company in the U.S. by far 

  • Larger than our next 4 competitors combined

  • $13+ Billion Market Value

  • $1.61 Billion Annual Revenue

  • 10,000+ installations/month

  • 11,000+ employees

  • Backed by Blackstone Capital, a leading global strategy partner

  • New York Stock Exchange: RUN

  • We sell, install and service with our own teams to assure consistent high-quality

  • Founded in January 2007 by 2 Harvard MBA students

1 out of every 4 solar homes is Sunrun

26 States map

We install 80% of all Tesla  Powerwalls 


customer excellence
  • Sunrun has received some poor customer reviews over time.

  • Our billion-dollar acquisition of Vivint Solar was massively disruptive and our customer service was overwhelmed.

  • To fix the situation, Sunrun brought on two pivotal leaders: Mary Powell, CEO and Chance Alred, Chief Experience Officer CXO. 

Mary Powell
Chace Alred

Mary Powell, CEO

  • For over a dozen years, Mary served as the President/CEO of Vermont’s largest electric utility (Green Mountain Power)

  • She achieved the highest customer satisfaction rating of 98% of any utility

  • Mary’s laser focus on customer obsession is making significant improvements at Sunrun

  • Her goal is for Sunrun to become the Beloved Trusted Partner for our Customers

Chance Alred, Chief Experience Officer CXO

  • With over a decade of sales leadership in solar, Chance knows how customers’ experience impacts their belief and enjoyment of solar

  • Helping drive Mary’s customer obsession, Chance has installed CX Pros throughout Sunrun to elevate the customer experience

  • Using NPS Scores, Chance’s team tracks customer experiences to identify issues and fix them quickly

  • Jim’s commitment to 5-Star Customer Experiences helps assure his customers receive great service.

5-Star Service

  • Sunrun’s Ventura County division earns  4.2 Google stars due to our major focus on the customer experience.

SunRun Reviews


Leading Innovator

Largest Research & Development division for accelerating innovation for full-home electrification

Battery close up
Sunrun Edison PGE
Sunrun's $300 Million Investment in Lunar Energy Battery

The biggest focus in solar is the next-generation home battery system. Sunrun/Lunar are leading the charge to create greater energy independence for Sunrun customers.

  • Lunar founded by former Tesla Energy executive

  • 250+ of the best hardware & software minds in renewable energy


Sunrun Partners with Edison + PG&E on First-Ever Virtual Power Plants

First-of-its-kind program offers financial incentives to Sunrun customers in exchange for sharing battery-stored power back into the grid during periods of peak demand. Takes pressure off the grid reducing black outs.


Sunrun + Edison Article Link

Sunrun + PG&E Article Link

Ford f-150
Ford Partners with Sunrun on its F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup

Ford's newest electric F-150 is changing the meaning of truck power with a large battery that can power a customer's home in the event of an outage.

Lidija Sekaric, VP Electrification and Grid Services
  • Oversees Sunrun’s strategy to further electrify homes by evaluating/selecting new hardware and software for our customers

  • She also leads the effort to grow and develop our many grid services partnerships with electrical utilities across the U.S.

  • Lidija is a renewable energy veteran holding 30 U.S. patents and 40+ scientific peer-reviewed publications 


World-Class Partners

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