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Seasons & Weather

How Changing Seasons Affect Solar

Your system will be designed with all four seasons in mind.
We expect you to use more power in the summer and less in the winter, and thankfully, solar production peaks and dips at exactly the same times.

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The sun is getting higher in the sky and each day is longer than the day before.

Solar production is on the rise


The sun is high, the days are long.

Solar production is peaking


The sun is retreating and each day is a little shorter than the last.

Solar production is reducing.


The sun is low and the days are short.

Solar production is limited.

How Weather Affects Solar

On a Clear Day

On a Cloudy Day

On a Rainy Day

Your system thrives.

Your panels are making the most of a beautiful day by producing up to 100% of their potential.

Your system continues to produce energy.

Solar panels can still produce 10-25% of their typical output on a cloudy day.

Your System still produces a little bit of energy.

Rain clouds block a lot of light, but you can still expect around 10% of your typical production.

Silver lining: Rain provides your panels with a cleaning. Just a few rainy days a year is enough to clean your panels.

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