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Robert A
Gold stars

Robert A.,

Simi Valley, CA

I give Jim an A+.

​I conducted a significant amount of research into the various companies, solar panels, converters, batteries and generators. Many salesmen were good about providing information up front, and Jim is a wealth of knowledge. What set Jim apart from the rest, and sold me on Sunrun was his commitment to serving me as a client, not just a contract signer. The other companies had similar pricing and equipment and you will find that one panel does X, another does Y and they are essentially all the same. What they didn’t do well was follow through. 

Jim has the 3 P’s: He is Persistent, Professional and Proactive. Initially I tried to send him packing as I hadn’t done my homework yet, and I told him to follow up in a few weeks. He did. He answered every question I had, and I challenged many of his representations in order to vet his company and test his commitment to me as a customer. He clarified my questions and did not take offense that I was questioning him and “taking him to task.” I demanded a lot from him in terms of both the sale and his service. He was proactive and responsive at all times. His communication with me was non-stop and he kept me informed of everything that was happening along the way. On installation day, he checked in and made sure things were going smooth and he followed up afterwards. There was one item I wanted addressed and I had a crew back the next day, fixing the issue to my satisfaction. He will do the same for you.

I give Jim an A+. I’d tell you to go out and do what I did with vetting everyone, but you can just save yourself the 10 hours of calls, appointments and conversations and just go with him. He will take great care of you and I give him my recommendation.

Jim & Kathy Lowry

Jim L.,

Moorpark, CA

I trust Jim to look out for my best interest.

Gold stars

​Over the last few years, I’ve had over eight solar sales presentations and none have convinced me to go with solar. Jim Hughes from Sunrun was different.  Within a few minutes I was impressed with his professionalism, his knowledge, and his sales skills, which were exceptional.  So, I actually listened and what he said made sense. There wasn’t a question that didn’t get answered truthfully (remember I had a good history of sales presentations from other vendors). 


What has impressed me is the seamless activity of the company, from sales to installation, to inspections, permitting, and switchover. Sunrun has many quality control levels that have impressed me. The personnel they employ are friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and professional.  They practice safety to perfection and they leave your residence construction debris free!


One of my friends, who I’m trying to convince to listen to Jim’s presentation, said he “doesn’t have time for all that sales and installation stuff.”  From my experience, if you can’t spend 60 minutes (total, including installation, testing, and switchover) to save a bundle of money, then I don’t know what it would take. I’m serious, I have spent no more than 60 minutes of my time on my solar installation and I’m extremely happy. Jim doesn’t just sell you the concept and the answer, he stays with the process ‘til it’s finished. He sends you tips on how to deal with the power provider (I’m with So. Cal. Edison) so you can ensure a flawless transition. 


It took me many years to find the right investment person for my retirement portfolio because I trust that person with my money. I have the same feelings for Jim because I trust him to look out for my best interest during the whole process.


I give Jim as many stars as possible, and you should too. You won’t be disappointed and with the upcoming rate increases, you will be pleasantly surprised with the savings.


Scott M.,

Thousand Oaks, CA

Jim Hughes "The Consummate Professional."​

Gold stars

My wife and I were not really interested in solar but decided to listen to Jim’s presentation.  Jim was thoroughly prepared for our meeting with all of our previous usages and with a very informative outline of options for us.  I am a numbers person and did the math. It all added up to a positive number for us by switching to solar.  Jim was in our house for approximately one hour and answered each and every question we could think to ask.  He was very calm in his approach and never got pushy in trying to close us.​


I spent the next couple of days researching companies and found that Sunrun was a 5 star rated company with glowing reviews across the board.  The pricing was competitive but more importantly, the service seemed to be outstanding.  We committed to Jim a few days later.  The company sent out a team of well dressed and on time individuals who completed the entire installation in one day.


Jim followed up with us every step of the way.  I would highly recommend Jim for any solar job you are considering.  A great pleasure indeed!

Lisa Judd

Lisa J.,

Simi Valley, CA

No pressure, just a calm knowledgeable presence.

Gold stars

From my first interaction with Jim there was no pressure, just a calm knowledgeable presence. He answered so many of my questions in clear, concise & easy to understand language.  If he didn’t know the answer he didn’t pretend to know, but rather said let me find out for you. He researched my questions & was responsive when reporting back.​


Jim was attentive to every detail of the solar panels from explaining the contract, working with the city for permits and HOA for approval, upgrading the electrical panel, the final install and anything else that came up in the process. Start to finish Jim made sure every step of the way went off without a hitch.

I honestly felt like I was Jim’s top priority and he treated me more like an old friend than a new customer. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jim Hughes and Sunrun to friends and family interested in learning more about leasing or buying solar panels.

Jill & Dennis Ricci

Jill & Dennis R.,

Newbury Park, CA

Jim, a step above the competition.

Gold stars

The old adage says don’t do business with friends...well, Jim Hughes is a personal friend. True friendship looks like something, and in this case, it looks like a man who takes his responsibilities to a level of professionalism rarely seen.


Jim met me and my husband, Dennis, for breakfast to explain the options Sunrun offered. He also explained the process which, when you are forever waiting for the “pitch,” was refreshing. He gave honest answers to our questions (Why is that so rare?). His transparent presentation led us to determine leasing our Sunrun system was the way to go.


The installation team made three visits to complete the work. When we had a situation where workers could have ignored our personal needs, they instead went above and beyond the call of duty—including helping us bring in groceries from the street because our driveway was blocked with their equipment!


The time to activation was slower than promised, but Jim was always quick to step in, research our concerns, and come back to us with clear, honest answers.


In an era where most people are only looking out for themselves, I feel we are Jim’s clients, but more importantly, we are his friends, and his reputation and integrity mean more than the next promotion and next client who will advance his career. Frankly, that makes this company, and Jim, a step above the competition.


Francine P.,

Simi Valley, CA

Jim was extremely professional.

Gold stars

I am very pleased with my decision to go with Jim Hughes and Sunrun for my new solar system.  For many years I had been approached by multiple organizations to install solar on my home.  I found many of the salespeople from these organizations pushy and not forthcoming with important details so I could make an educated decision. 


I am a salesperson and I know how clients should be treated.  Jim was extremely professional and explained the Sunrun program in great length.  Jim was present during every step of the process and made sure my questions were addressed and answered.  Jim was easy to communicate with and provided great follow up and was prompt and detailed with his updates. 


I was also impressed with the installation crew and how quickly the job was performed.  My system is now up and running and I have the peace of mind that I am saving on my electric bill.  I also feel confident that if I need, I can always reach out to Jim for any future needs.


Scott & Pat L.,

Simi Valley, CA

Excellent Customer Service.

Gold stars

We would highly recommend Sunrun and their representative Jim Hughes. Jim was professional from start to finish. He provided excellent customer service promptly answering any questions or concerns we had with all aspects of the process.

We have had other companies come to talk to us about solar but Jim’s knowledge of the process and the product helped us make our decision to go solar.

We are extremely satisfied customers! Thanks Jim! 


Jim B.,

Simi Valley, CA

I didn't need to do anything.

Gold stars

Just a quick comment on Jim Hughes. He was very helpful every step of the way on my Solar install. He was either present or followed up immediately. He actually made all the calls necessary for the survey, installation, inspection, and PTO. I didn’t need to do anything, Jim took care of it all.


Thanks, Jim. I enjoyed working with you and I recommend you for any solar needs.

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