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PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) Details

$0 Out of Pocket*
Sunrun Owns & Maintains
Long-Term Rate Protection
$0 out of Pocket

For homes that qualify, Sunrun will equip your home to generate and store its own power. The equipment and installation are covered by the Federal Solar Credit so there is $0 out of pocket. The first money you will pay is after you are installed and start generating your own power. Then you will start paying your monthly Sunrun bill.


Sunrun Owns & Maintains

Sunrun provides you a Performance Guarantee so that if your system ever dips below the standards set, Sunrun will fix it with no additional charge ever. That includes batteries replaced when they go out of warranty, about every 10 years.


Long-Term Rate Protection

You will know how much your power bill will be each month for 25 years. It’s listed in Sunrun’s service agreement. The power company provides you no agreement or protection from on-going rate spikes. Their policy is more of an open check book….you pay whatever they want to charge.

Solar home outdoor terrace

*As long as the results of your site survey do not require roof, electrical or other upgrades

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