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Sunrun/Edison Billing

Will I get 2 Power Bills?

Yes. You will get a flat monthly Sunrun bill that covers your solar power. In addition, you will receive a monthly Edison bill that will vary depending upon the time of year (long summer days vs. short winter days), amount of power you used (did solar cover it all?), Edison's connection fee, fluctuating charges/rate hikes and Edison credits you received that month.

Solar Reduces Edison's Impact on your Power Expense

Without solar, you are at the mercy of whatever Edison wants to charge you for 100% of your power. Their rates have spiked 72% in the last 4 years and there is a 22.6% increase scheduled for 2025. You've probably noticed the increases on your Edison bill. Unfortunately, there is a lot of on-going volatility with Edison. Solar minimizes Edison's impact on your power expense.

How does Seasonality and Weather Impact Solar Production?

We get a lot of sunshine in California. The biggest impact on solar production is the length of the day. Summer's long days with lots of sunshine produce the most power. December and January have the shortest days. See how seasonality and weather impact solar. See more here. 


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*As long as the results of your site

survey do not require roof,

electrical or other upgrades

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