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Become more Self-Reliant while Minimizing your Reliance on Edison
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Beyond Just Solar...
The Most Comprehensive Solution to help you Become More Self-Reliant

With all the volatility in traditional electricity, Sunrun will equip your home to generate and store its own power, insulating your home from the majority of Edison’s on-going rate spikes, power outages and brown outs.  

Sunrun’s “Smart Electric Ecosystem” provides a balanced electric solution for 25 years, including a small fixed annual increase to keep track with inflation. You will know what your solar power bill will be every month for the long term, while minimizing the impact Edison has on your power expense.


  1. Generate your own Clean Renewable Energy with Solar

    • Get dismissed from the power company’s ever-increasing rates

    • Enjoy long-term rate protection

  2. Store & Manage your Power with a Tesla Powerwall battery

    • Never again can the power company turn off your lights

    • Enjoy the peace of mind and security of YOU managing your own power

  3. Edison + Sunrun Collaboration (Solar + Battery Virtual Power Plant)

    4. Long-Term Rate Protection

  • Have the comfort of knowing what your monthly solar power bill will be for the long term 

    5. $0 out of Pocket

  • For homes that qualify (roof and electrical panel)

  • First money you pay will be your Sunrun monthly power bill after everything is installed

    6. Easy transfer when it's time to sell

  • Similar to a standard utility transfer

  • New home owners are grandfathered into the rates you start in 2024

How Solar + Batteries Work

During the day, your home is powered by the sun. Power first goes into your home for your use. The excess power charges your battery. As sundown approaches, your power shifts from solar to battery until morning when solar takes over again.

Learn about Batteries

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