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  • How does selling a home with solar work?
    With homeowners in California moving every 7-10 years, Sunrun has optimized its programs to make it as easy as a utility transfer. There is no Lean on your house. New homeowners automatically qualify and are grandfathered into the rates you started. Without solar, new home buyers are hit with the power company’s latest highest rates. As the power company’s rates continue to spike, new home shoppers will value solar homes with a long-term protected rate. There is a one-page document Sunrun provides escrow for the transfer.
  • Our bill is low. Is it worth it to go solar?
    With electricity rates skyrocketing 63% over the last 3 years, your low power bill will not stay low. An average $90 bill 3 years ago is now $147 and will continue to climb. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like in 5-10 years? Many people sweat in the summer and freeze in the winter just to try and keep their power bill low. With solar, you can live comfortably.
  • We may be moving. Is it worth it to go solar?
    Many people plan on moving yet it sometimes takes much longer than expected. And some don’t end up moving. As long as you are in the home, enjoy the protected electrical rates and reliability. If you decide to move, it’s easy to transfer to the new homeowners that will appreciate a lower electrical rate.
  • Will my lights go out when the power company turns off their power?
    Yes, even when it's a sunny day and your solar panels are producing lots of electricity. All electricity goes through the power company's smart meter. The meter goes off when electricity is turned off. Yet, Tesla Powerwall batteries keep your lights on when the power company turns off power. If you have a Shift battery, your power will go off. See Battery Options
  • Top reasons to move to Renewable energy NOW
    Protection from spiking power company rates Electricity rates will continue to increase, costing customers more and more $ Wildfire costs will be passed onto customers...on top of rate increases Retrofitting the power grid's equipment to make it spark resistant is costing significant $, which will also be passed onto customers Unfortunately everything in our world seems to cost way more. Sunrun is continually impacted by increasing costs. We try to hold current pricing for as long as we can but if you decide to wait, expect to pay more. You will know what your renewable energy power bill will be each year for the next 25 years. Increase the value of your home. Appraisers are increasingly taking solar installations into consideration as they value homes. As the power company’s rates continue to spike, new home shoppers will value solar homes with a long-term protected rate they can take over. Sunrun has an exclusive collaboration with Edison. If you opt into the First-Ever Virtual Power Plant program, Sunrunners with batteries will receive high $ premium credits from Edison during special peak demand times. Be well prepared to join Sunrun's Power Sharing Community. Sunrun is working on developing microgrids to connect Sunrunners locally. When ready in a few years, you will be removed from Edison. Be a part of the growing renewable energy community, which is making an impact in reducing carbon emissions and making our environment healthier.
  • Tips for choosing a Renewable Energy partner
    Choosing an energy partner for the next 25 years is much more than choosing the one with the cheapest panels. Size of company. With 25-year solar panel warranties, it's important to select a company that has the size and momentum in the marketplace to be around to service your account. 40% of solar homes have been orphaned by companies that have gone out of business. How much experience do they have with solar? There are lots of smaller start ups that learn at your expense. Does their leadership have the industry experience? Is the company innovating/evolving or just focused on installing panels? We are in the biggest evolution of electricity ever. It’s important to be part of a company that will innovate and bring you the latest solutions for the long term. Do they use contractors for installations/servicing or have their own teams? It can be difficult to maintain high standards if the company is using a revolving door of contractors. In-house teams get the training and deliver a consistent high-quality service. Can you count on your Solar Sales Rep to get you smoothly through the process? There are lots of moving parts with solar so it's important to select a knowledgeable rep who you can rely on. Check out Why Sunrun
  • I’m thinking of waiting until later to get solar. Are there any downsides?
    Solar will certainly be around later. Here are potential downsides: There’s a cost of continuing to pay your ever-increasing utility power bill. As with everything in this world, solar will continue to get impacted by rising costs. There’s a good chance solar prices next year will be more. I’ve had solar for 4 years and I know I pay a good amount less than others coming onto solar now. You’ll have zero peace of mind and security during power outages. You won’t have the protection of a battery, which prevents the power company from turning off your lights. You will remain relying 100% on your power company versus becoming your own Power Home now.
  • Technology is always advancing. Maybe I’ll wait until the new advancements are here.
    Yes, everything is always advancing. The question is whether the advancements are important for protecting you from the ever-increasing electricity rates. Solar panels are in a mature level of their product life cycle. There haven’t been any major advancements for a long time. Yes, they do continue to get a bit more powerful but it’s in small increments AND they keep making the panels a bit bigger. Isn’t that kinda of cheating? Lol! Battery development is where the BIG focus is for solar, cars and many industries. Most people aren’t waiting to get the newest car technology as that’s on-going. They would never get a car if they were going to wait for technology advancement to “get there”. Here’s an analogy that many people have found helpful. Today’s solar/battery systems are like a Honda Accord. They do the job of getting you from home to the store and back repeatedly and consistently. They rarely have problems and it’s affordable. Have more advanced vehicles come out? For sure!! But that doesn’t negate the fact that the Accord still continues its job of going to the store and back repeatedly and will for the long term.
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