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As the country goes all electric with electric cars, etc the power company’s grid is tapped out and can’t meet the growing demand. Increased demand means increased rates and black outs. In the last 3 years, rates spiked 63% with more coming.

Rate Spikes
Electricity Spiral

As more people go solar, the power company loses that revenue forever. In addition, all new homes are required to be built with solar so the power company has no way of replenishing their dwindling revenue. The only way to get additional money is to raise rates. With fewer people left to cover the power company’s expenses, rate spikes are certain to continue.

For 2024: Edison Requests to Increase Rates 6.2% per month

  • This will double homeowner’s electric bills in 12 months

  • Even if the CPUC does not approve this request, it shows Edison’s intent to continue raising rates significantly

  • What in the world is coming next?

Edison Rate Increase

With your Power Company your rate is unpredictable. 

With Sunrun, it’s fully predictable.


Your Power Company
Fully Predictable
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