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Battery Options

Sunrun provides 2 battery options: Tesla Powerwall and the basic Shift
Tesla Powerwall Smart Battery

Much more than just a battery, the Powerwall is a comprehensive HEMS (Home Energy Management System). It enables you to monitor your solar production, understand/adjust your home’s electricity flow and customize settings to suit your needs.

When the power company shuts off electricity, the Powerwall will keep your lights on.


Using the Powerwall App, you can see how much your: 

  • Solar system is producing

  • House is consuming 

  • Solar is charging the battery

  • Battery charge level

  • Power amount exported/imported to/from the power company

Tesla Powerwall on white
Powerwall App
Powerwall App Monitor
Powerwall App Charging
Shift SolarEdge Energy Bank   Basic

The function of this basic battery is to store your power each day so you can draw off it during the night until morning when solar takes over. 

  • It does not keep your lights on when the power company turns off the electricity

  • No app or visibility into battery charge level or how your home uses power

SolarEdge angled view



Useable Energy


Keep your Lights On When Power Out?


App for Monitoring?





13.5 kwh



10 Years

30 w x 45 h x 6 d

9.7 kwh



10 Years

31 w x 46 h x 10 d

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