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5 Easy Steps
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1. Consultation

We’ll do an electric analysis of your usage and develop solar/battery solutions to review with you.

2. Site Survey & Evaluation    1-3 weeks

An evaluation of your roof, electrical panel and home will be done to ensure it can support a solar system. If your home is not solar-ready, we’ll help you prepare it.

3. Permitting and HOA    2-8 weeks

Sunrun submits your permit to the city and also helps with your HOA. Timing varies, typically 2-8 weeks.

4. Installation      1 day

After your permit and HOA approvals, we’ll schedule installation. 

5. Permission to Operate (PTO)     1-3 months

Days after installation inspectors will review your installation. Then we have to wait for approval from your utility company to grant you PTO.

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How Much Time is Needed from You?

  • Since everyone is so busy, I specialize in making it light and easy.

  • Our first consultation can take 45+ minutes depending on how many questions you have.

  • Following that, there are 2 or 3 touches that can take 15 minutes each.

  • In the 2-3 months for solar, my customers spend about 2 hours total.

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