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Why Sunrun

  • Largest residential solar company in the U.S. by far 

  • Acquired #2 Vivint Solar October 2020

  • $13+ Billion Market Value

  • $1.61 Billion Annual Revenue

  • 10,000+ installations/month

  • 10,750+ employees

  • Due to exclusive Ford partnership, we'll be in all 50 states by 2024

  • Backed by Blackstone Capital, a leading global strategy partner

  • New York Stock Exchange: RUN

  • We sell, install and service with our own teams to assure consistent high-quality

  • Founded in January 2007 by 2 Harvard MBA students

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26 States

Due to an exclusive Ford partnership, Sunrun will be in all 50 states by 2024

Industry-Leading Innovator

  • Largest Research & Development division for accelerating innovation for full-home electrification. 

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Sunrun's $300 Million Investment in Lunar Energy Battery

The biggest focus in solar is the next-generation home battery system. Sunrun/Lunar are leading the charge to create greater energy independence for Sunrun customers.

  • Lunar founded by former Tesla Energy executive

  • 250+ of the best hardware & software minds in renewable energy

Sunrun + Edison + PGE.jpg

Sunrun Partners with Edison + PG&E on First-Ever Virtual Power Plants

Virtual power plants work by storing renewable energy produced by rooftop solar panels during the day across a large number of homes, then sharing that energy back to the grid during peak times, such as at night when the sun has set or when energy supply is tight during hot summer months. Takes pressure off the grid during high demand​, reducing black outs. 


Sunrun + Edison Article Link

Sunrun + PG&E Article Link

Ford f-150 Truck Lightning + Bright.jpg

Sunrun Partners with Ford on its F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup

Ford's newest electric F-150 is changing the meaning of truck power with a large battery that can power a customer's home in the event of an outage.

Mary Powell pic.jpg

SPOTLIGHT:  Sunrun's CEO Mary Powell

From 2008-2019, Mary served as the President/CEO of Vermont’s main electric utility (Green Mountain Power). She drove programs that are “outside the norm” for utility companies:

  • Increased customer satisfaction to 98%.

    • SUNRUN APPLICATION: With a laser focus on customer obsession, Mary is evolving Sunrun to become the Beloved Trusted Partner for our Customers.

  • Positioned GMP as a leading energy transformation business.

    • Fast Company put GMP on the “Most Innovative Companies in the World” list 3 years in a row.

    • SUNRUN APPLICATION: Sunrun’s Research & Development Division will continue to lead innovation for full-home electrification solutions for decades to come.

Lidija VP pic.jpg

Sunrun's VP of Electrification and Grid Services

Lidija Sekaric oversees Sunrun’s strategy to further electrify homes by evaluating and selecting new hardware and software products for inclusion in our consumer offers and grid services programs.


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