Edison’s history of rate increases will continue to cost customers more $

Edison's recent rate increases:

  • 2020  15.8%

  • 2021  18.2%

Over the previous 5 years, Edison has increased rates an average of 8.5%/year

  • During that time a $100 monthly bill has increased to an average of $150

    • Just in 2020, Edison increased rates 10.5%....your $150/mo bill increased to $165/mo

  • Approved rate increases for 2021-2023 average 7.5%/year

    • A $150/mo in 2019 will increase to $200/mo in 2023

  • Additional Edison expenses will cost customers even more 

    • Wildfire lawsuit penalties will be charged to customers

      • November 13, 2019: $360 million lawsuit is the first of many to come

    • Extensive costs for retrofitting 70% of Edison’s capacitors, poles and wires to make them spark resistant

    • Switch to Time-of-Use rates will jump rates much higher during peak times

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