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Why Solar NOW

The Importance of Going Solar NOW

1.  Get protected from Edison’s 22.6% rate increase in 2025

2.  Edison will credit $3.50/kwh in September (up to $600)
for homes installed by July

3.  After the November election, the 30% Federal Solar tax credit is expected to go away forcing solar costs to jump


For Those that Wait


Not going Solar
Waiting until 2025 to go Solar


Why Wait?

  • $0 out of pocket*

  • Get installed in time for September’s $3.50/kwh Edison credits

  • It’s quick: takes about 2 hours total of your time over 6-8 weeks

  • Installation is 1 day

*Sunrun equips your home to generate & store its power. The costs for that are covered by the Federal Solar Credit and does not need to be repaid. You'll start paying a monthly solar power bill once you go live. Averages 6-8 weeks.

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